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Title: Breaking News: Judge Denies Trump Motion, Validates Belief of Capitol Mob as Trump’s Protégés


In a monumental decision yesterday, a federal judge dismissed President Trump’s motion to strike references to the January 6th Capitol attack from an ongoing federal election case. This critical ruling paves the way for prosecutors to introduce crucial evidence during the trial, highlighting the deep-rooted conviction among the rioters that they were carrying out the orders of the former president himself. This development has far-reaching implications and could potentially reshape the narrative surrounding the events of that fateful day.

Reported by Alan Feuer, this landmark ruling was announced on November 18, 2023, at 02:40 AM, as shared by the New York Times’ US section.

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While the political fallout from the January 6th attack on the United States Capitol has been extensively debated, legal maneuvers by former President Donald Trump and his legal team have attempted to distance him from any perceived responsibility. However, this recent court decision undermines such defense tactics, as it acknowledges the belief held by the unruly mob that their actions were a direct result of Donald Trump’s instigation.

In their arguments, prosecutors assert that the conviction harbored by the Capitol rioters to be acting under Trump’s command is deeply relevant to the federal election case at hand. This development illuminates the critical role played by the former president’s rhetoric and actions in shaping the mindset of those involved in the siege. By rejecting Trump’s motion to strike references to the events of January 6th, the judge acknowledges the significance of this captured zeitgeist, which prosecutors believe will be crucial to their case.

This ruling further strengthens the chance for prosecutors to demonstrate a clear connection between Trump’s messages and the subsequent actions of his supporters. It opens the door to introducing evidence that could potentially place Trump’s words and behavior squarely at the heart of the Capitol attack. The decision also challenges the narrative perpetuated by Trump and his allies that the events of that fateful day were the work of a few rogue actors acting against his wishes.


The recent court decision, dismissing President Trump’s attempt to strike references to the January 6th Capitol attack, represents a significant step forward for prosecutors in their ongoing federal election case. This ruling firmly reinforces the belief of the rioters that they were fulfilling Trump’s instructions when they stormed the Capitol, fundamentally reframing the discussion surrounding this disastrous event. As the trial unfolds, the door to uncovering the truth about the involvement and motivations of all parties involved swings open wider. The world will be watching closely as justice is sought amidst the backdrop of one of the darkest days in modern American history.

Source: Alan Feuer. “Judge Rejects Trump Motion to Strike Jan. 6 Mentions From Federal Election Case.” New York Times, November 18, 2023.